Putcos Nite-Lux Fanless LED kit replaces your oe headlights as easy as replaceing your bulbs. Plug and play installation, no tools needed! The most advanced LED kit in the world. Sold in pairs. Starting at $161.

Nite-Lux LED Kit

  • 100% High Temperature Nylon construction
  • Newest & mmost advanced LED Kit available int he world
  • Packed with technology Constant Current CPU, EMC (anti-interference)
  • Miniaturized lamp, tower, and ballast, 40% reduction in size
  • High Lumen output – 2500 lumens each
  • A Putco exclusive 100% COPPER (Cu) Weave cloth heat-sink
  • Copper coth heat-sink allows for installation in compact places
  • No noisy fan wich is prone to failure
  • Cree LED
  • 360 Degree Light Output
  • IP68 IP65 Shock Proof
  • Lifespan > 50,000 hours